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Q1. Which of the following TCP/IP protocol is used for remote terminal connection service?


Answer: (A) TELNET

Q2. Which of the following TCP/IP internet protocol a diskless machine uses to obtain its IP address from a server?

(D) X.25

Answer: (B) RARP

Q3. Communication circuits that transmit data in both directions but not at the same time are operating in

(A) A simplex mode
(B) A half-duplex mode
(C) A full-duplex mode
(D) An asynchronous mode

Answer: (B) A half-duplex mode

Q4. Modulation in which the two binary values are represented by two different amplitudes of the carrier frequency is known as

(A) Amplitude-shift keying
(B) Amplitude
(C) Amplitude modulation
(D) Aloha

Answer: (A) Amplitude-shift keying

Q5. When two computers communicate with each other, they send information back and forth. If they are separated by a reasonable distance, they can send and receive the information through a direct cable connection which is called a null-modem connection. Presently what is the maximum distance in meters permitted in this null-modem connection?

(A) 80
(B) 100
(C) 30
(D) 150

Answer: (C) 30

Q6. Which of the following device is used to connect two systems, especially if the systems use different protocols?

(A) Hub
(B) Bridge
(C) Gateway
(D) Repeater

Answer: (C) Gateway

Q7. The geostationary satellite used for communication systems

(A) Rotates with the earth
(B) Remains stationary relative to the earth
(C) Is positioned over equator
(D) All of the above

Answer: (D) All of the above

Q8. When you ping the loopback address, a packet is sent where?

(A) On the network
(B) Down through the layers of the IP architecture and then up the layers again
(C) Across the wire
(D) Through the loopback dongle

Answer: (B) Down through the layers of the IP architecture and then up the layers again

Q9. The probability that a single bit will be in error on a typical public telephone line using 4800 bps modem is 10 to the power -3. If no error detection mechanism is used, the residual error rate for a communication line using 9-bit frames is approximately equal to

(A) 0.003
(B) 0.009
(C) 0.991
(D) 0.999

Answer: (B) 0.009

Q10. With an IP address of 100, you currently have 80 subnets. What subnet mask should you use to maximize the number of available hosts?

(A) 192
(B) 224
(C) 240
(D) 252

Answer: (D) 252

Q11. What is the default subnet mask for a class A network?


Answer: (B)

Q12. If you configure the TCP/IP address and other TCP/IP parameters manually, you can always verify the configuration through which of the following? Select the best answer.

(A) Network Properties dialog box
(B) Server Services dialog box
(C) DHCPINFO command-line utility
(D) Advanced Properties tab of TCP/ IP Info

Answer: (A) Network Properties dialog box

Q13. You are working with a network that has the network ID, and you require 25 subnets for your company and an additional 30 for the company that will merge with you within a month. Each network will contain approximately 600 nodes. What subnet mask should you assign?


Answer: (D)

Q14. A decrease in magnitude of current, voltage, a power of a signal in transmission between points, is known as

(A) Attenuation
(B) Amplitude
(C) Aloha
(D) Carrier

Answer: (A) Attenuation

Q15. Communication between computers is almost always

(A) Serial
(B) Parallel
(C) Series parallel
(D) Direct

Answer: (A) Serial

Networking MCQ – All Set

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