Computer Science Linux Practice Test – Set 02

Are you guys looking for computer science MCQ Questions with Answers PDF Free Download as per computer science new exam pattern? You came to the right page. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Subjects. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of computer science. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These computer science MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern.

Q1. How could you install the file ipchains-1.3.9-5.i386.rpm?

(A) rpm -qip ipchains
(B) rpm -Uvh ipchains
(C) rpm -i ipchains* .i386.rpm
(D) rpm -e ipchains-1.3.9-5.i386.rpm

Answer:(C) rpm -i ipchains* .i386.rpm

Q2. How can you navigate around virtual consoles?

(A) Alt+Function Key
(B) Ctrl+Function Key
(C) Ctrl+Alt+Del
(D) Alt+a+w+Function Key

Answer: (A) Alt+Function Key

Q3. What command do you use to delete a file?

(A) rename
(B) delete
(C) rm
(D) cp

Answer: (C) rm

Q4. What command is used to print a file?

(A) lp
(B) pg
(C) prn
(D) print

Answer: (A) lp

Q5. Which of the following is the main Apache configuration file?

(A) httpd.conf
(B) apache.con
(C) /etc/profile
(D) system.ini

Answer: (A) httpd.conf

Q6. What command is used to remove the directory?

(A) rdir
(B) remove
(C) rd
(D) rmdir

Answer: (D) rmdir

Q7. What command is used to display your current working directory?

(A) path
(B) pwd
(C) prompt $p$g
(D) dir

Answer:(B) pwd

Q8. What TCP/IP protocol is used for file transfer with minimal capability and minimal overhead?


Answer: (B) TFTP

Q9. __ tool allows you to change your default X Window desktop.

(A) utilinux
(B) cempre
(C) switchdesk
(D) window

Answer: (C) switchdesk

Q10. NIS

(A) Is Network Information Service
(B) Is a simple directory service whose main purpose is to allow remote authentication of systems on local network systems
(C) Was formerly known as yellow pages
(D) Allows configuration-such as password and group files

Answer:(A) Is Network Information Service

Q11. What command is used to remove files?

(A) dm
(B) rm
(C) delete
(D) erase

Answer: (B) rm

Q12. The command chmod 761 letter is equivalent to

(A) chmod 4=7, g = 6, o = 1 letter
(B) chmod a = 761 letter
(C) chmod u = rwx, g = rw, o = x letter
(D) chmod 167 letter

Answer: (C) chmod u = rwx, g = rw, o = x letter

Q13. For you to create a swap partition by using fdisk, what must the partition’s system ID type be?

(A) 83
(B) 82
(C) 5
(D) 4

Answer: (B) 82

Q14. What package group will you select during the custom configuration to enable the machine to communicate with Windows clients?

(A) SMB (Samba) Connectivity
(B) IPX/NetWare Connectivity
(C) Dial-up Workstation
(D) None of the above

Answer: (A) SMB (Samba) Connectivity

Q15. Which of the following command can you execute to count the number of lines in a file?

(A) lc
(B) wc – l
(C) cl
(D) count

Answer: (B) wc – l

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