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Q1. _______is an abbreviation for binary digit.

(A 0 and 1
(B) Base
(C) Bit
(D) None of the above

Answer: (C) Bit

Q2. A microcomputer is a computer that uses a _ for its CPU.

(A) Chips
(B) Registers
(C) Microprocessor
(D) Vacuum tube

Answer: (C) Microprocessor

Q3. Conversion of hexadecimal number 1D7F16 to a decimal number is

(A) 755110
(B) 877110
(C) 555710
(D) 778110

Answer: (A) 755110

Q4. BCD numbers are useful whenever _ information is transferred into or out of a digital system.

(A) Decimal
(B) Binary
(D) Hexadecimal

Answer: (A) Decimal

Q5. Addition of 1101012 and 1011112 is

(A) 11001002
(B) 11010002
(C) 11101112
(D) 1100112

Answer: (A) 11001002

Q6. The term sum-of-products in Boolean algebra means

(A) The AND function of several OR functions
(B) The OR function of several AND functions
(C) The OR function of several OR functions
(D) The AND function of several AND functions

Answer: (B) The OR function of several AND functions

Q7. Which of the following is not functionally a complete set?


Answer: (A) AND, OR

Q8. The hexadecimal number system is widely used in analyzing and programming __

(A) Registers
(B) Chips
(C) Microprocessors
(D) Vacuum tube

Answer: (C) Microprocessors

Q9. Cyclic codes are used in

(A) Data transfer
(B) Continuously varying signal representation
(C) Arithmetic and logical computation
(D) None of the above

Answer:(B) Continuously varying signal representation

Q10. The fan-out capability of a digital building block can be defined as

(A) The number of inputs that one output can transmit to
(B) The amount of cooling required for fanning the air out
(C) The number of inputs that can transmit to one input
(D) The maximum power dissipation (heat generation) that the unit can stand

Answer: (A) The number of inputs that one output can transmit to

Q11. How many full adders are required to construct an m- bit parallel adder?

(A) m/2
(B) m-1
(C) m
(D) m+1

Answer: (C) m

Q12. If a microcomputer has a 64K memory, what are the hexadecimal notations for the first and last memory location?

(A) 0000, EEEE
(B) 0, 64
(C) 0000, FFFF
(D) 0000, 9999

Answer: (C) 0000, FFFF

Q13. Conversion of an octal number 31378 to it’s decimal equivalent is

(A) 163110
(B) 163210
(C) 153110
(D) 193110

Answer: (A) 163110

Q14. Instead of counting with binary numbers, a ring counter uses words that have a single high __

(A) Bytes
(B) Bit
(C) Gate
(D) Chip

Answer:(B) Bit

Q15. The m-bit parallel adder consists of:

(A) (m+1) full adders
(B) m/2 full adders
(C) m-1 full adders
(D) m full adders

Answer: (D) m full adders

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