Computer Networks Interview MCQ Questions – Set 07

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Q1. The address field of a frame in HDLC protocol contains the address of the _ station.

(A) Primary
(B) Secondary
(C) Tertiary
(D) A station

Answer: (B) Secondary

Q2. Which type of switching uses the entire capacity of a dedicated link?

(A) Circuit switching
(B) Datagram packet switching
(C) Virtual circuit packet switching
(D) Message switching

Answer: (D) Message switching

Q3. When the source host receives the choke packet, then the source _

(A) Reduces the capacity of the line
(B) Reduces the line utilization factor
(C) Reduces the traffic generation
(D) Rate reduces the threshold value

Answer: (C) Reduces the traffic generation

Q4. The Clusters in Hierarchical routing are grouped in to __

(A) Clusters
(B) Zones
(C) Blocks
(D) Cells

Answer: (B) Zones

Q5. Adaptive routing algorithms get their information from __

(A) Only from local environment
(B) Only from adjacent routers
(C) From locally, adjacent, external routers
(D) Only from external routers

Answer: (C) From locally, adjacent, external routers

Q6. Flow control policy is implemented in __

(A) Network layer
(B) Transport layer
(C) Application layer
(D) Physical layer

Answer:(B) Transport layer

Q7. If router J is on the optimal path from router I to router K, then the optimal path from J to K also falls along the same route is known _

(A) Routing principle
(B) Optimality principle
(C) Sink tree principle
(D) Network principle

Answer: (B) Optimality principle

Q8. A repeater takes a weakened or corrupted signal and __ it.

(A) Amplifies
(B) Regenerates
(C) Resample
(D) Reroute

Answer: (B) Regenerates

Q9. When routers are being inundated by packets that they cannot handle, they just throw them away is known as _

(A) Jitter control
(B) Random early detection
(C) Choke packets
(D) Load shedding

Answer: (D) Load shedding

Q10. The solution to increase the capacity when congestion occurs is __

(A) Denying service to the users
(B) Degrading the service to the users
(C) Splitting traffic over multiple routes
(D) Rescheduled the demands of the users

Answer: (C) Splitting traffic over multiple routes

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