Computer Networks Computer Based MCQ Test – Set 01

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Q1. The set of optimal routes from all sources to a given destination from a tree rooted to the destination is known as __

(A) Binary tree
(B) Sparse tree
(C) Sink tree
(D) AVL tree

Answer: (C) Sink tree

Q2. In a time division switch, a _ governs the destination of a packet stored in RAM.

(A) TDM bus
(B) Cross bar
(C) Cross point
(D) Control unit

Answer: (D) Control unit

Q3. If a router sends every incoming packet out only on those lines that are going approximately in the right direction is known as _

(A) Random flooding
(B) Static flooding
(C) Selective flooding
(D) Early flooding

Answer: (C) Selective flooding

Q4. In AODV routing algorithm for MANETs, the route is discovered at time

(A) Only when the network is established
(B) In middle of the transmission
(C) When there is a need for route by the host
(D) When there is no need for route by the host

Answer: (C) When there is a need for route by the host

Q5. ________is used to validate the identity of the message sender to the recipient

(A) Encryption
(B) Decryption
(C) Digital certificate
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Digital certificate

Q6. __ change their routing decisions to reflect changes in the topology.

(A) Non-adaptive algorithms
(B) Adaptive algorithms
(C) Static algorithms
(D) Recursive algorithms

Answer: (B) Adaptive algorithms

Q7. __ bridge operates in promiscuous mode.

(A) Transparent bridge
(B) Selective flooding
(C) Source Routing
(D) Remote Bridges

Answer: (A) Transparent bridge

Q8. The method of network routing where every possible path between transmitting and receiving DTE is used is called __

(A) Random Routing
(B) Packet Flooding
(C) Directory Routing
(D) Message Switching

Answer:(B) Packet Flooding

Q9. In distance vector routing algorithm, each router maintains a separate routing table with the following entries.

(A) Preferred input line, estimated time
(B) Preferred input line, estimated distance
(C) Preferred output line, estimated time
(D) Preferred output line, router

Answer: (C) Preferred output line, estimated time

Q10. If the source deduces the existence of congestion by making local observations, such as the time needed for acknowledgements to come called as _

(A) Explicit feedback algorithm
(B) Implicit feedback algorithm
(C) Explicit forward algorithm
(D) Implicit forward algorithm

Answer:(B) Implicit feedback algorithm

Q11. Flooding always choose the _

(A) Shortest path
(B) First path
(C) Last path
(D) Largest path

Answer: (A) Shortest path

Q12. The first collision free protocol is _

(A) Binary countdown
(B) Basic bitmap
(C) Reservation protocol

Answer: (B) Basic bitmap

Q13. If the subnet uses virtual circuits internally, routing decisions are made only when a new virtual circuit is being setup. This is called as __

(A) Session routing
(B) Circuit routing
(C) Datagram routing
(D) Forwarding

Answer: (A) Session routing

Q14. A well defined groups that are numerically large in size but small compared to the network as a whole are used in __.

(A) Unicast routing
(B) Multicast routing
(C) Broadcast routing
(D) Telecast routing

Answer: (B) Multicast routing

Q15. In distance vector routing the delay metric is _

(A) Number of hops
(B) Geographical distance
(C) Number of neighbors
(D) Queue length

Answer: (D) Queue length

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