Computer Hardware Engineering MCQ – Set 17

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Q1. The standard VGA display has _ pixels in its native graphics mode?

(A) 648 × 320
(B) 640 × 480
(C) 680 × 440
(D) 1024 × 786

Answer: (B) 640 × 480

Q2. How many pins on a VGA?

(A) 9
(B) 15
(C) 25
(D) 32

Answer: (B) 15

Q3. What is the best ground for a conductive work bench?

(A) AC outlet
(B) Ground to bend
(C) To another device
(D) Chassis ground

Answer: (A) AC outlet

Q4. What is a common language that computers use to talk with one another on a network

(A) Client
(B) Adapter
(C) Protocol
(D) Operating systems

Answer: (C) Protocol

Q5. COM 4 uses which I/O port?

(A) 2F8H
(B) 3F8H
(C) 3E8H
(D) 2E8H

Answer: (D) 2E8H

Q6. MSD exe does not have information on:

(A) Cache
(B) Video
(C) Operation system
(D) Com ports

Answer: (A) Cache

Q7. In Inkjet technology the droplets of ink are deflected by?

(A) Multi directional nozzles
(B) Electronically charged plates
(C) High pressure plates
(D) Electro static absorption

Answer:(A) Multi directional nozzles

Q8. Which DOS driver is used to emulate expanded memory?

(A) Himem.sys
(B) EMM386.exe
(C) Mem386.sys
(D) Ramdrive.sys

Answer: (B) EMM386.exe

Q9. What is the main communication method from one PDA to another PDA?

(A) IR
(C) RS-232
(D) IEEE 1394

Answer: (A) IR

Q10. What can you use to ensure power is not interrupted, resulting in corrupted data?

(B) Proper grounding
(C) Surge protector
(D) Nuclear powered thermal protective underwear

Answer: (A) UPS

Q11. Voltage is measured:

(A) In parallel
(B) In series
(C) After breaking the circuit
(D) After checking current

Answer: (A) In parallel

Q12. What is the first step in diagnosing a completely dead computer at the client site that was working the day before?

(A) Test the power supply
(B) Replace the CMOS battery
(C) Check the AC outlet
(D) Reseat the hard drive controller cable

Answer: (C) Check the AC outlet

Q13. How much video RAM is needed to display 1024×768 at 24-bit color?

(A) 1 MB
(B) 4 MB
(C) 8 MB
(D) 512 KB

Answer: (B) 4 MB

Q14. On PC power supplies, the wire attached to pin one is usually:

(A) Blue or red
(B) Blue or white
(C) Red or black
(D) White or orange

Answer: (D) White or orange

Q15. When installing PCI NICS you can check the IRQ availability by looking at

(A) Dip switches
(C) Jumper settings
(D) Motherboard BIOS

Answer: (D) Motherboard BIOS

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