Computer Engineering Microsoft Access MCQ – Set 31

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Q1. What is the memo data type field used for?

(A) To add table
(B) To store objects created in other programs
(C) For long text entries
(D) For shout text entries of no more than 255 characters

Answer: (C) For long text entries

Q2. In a table, __(s) are displayed in the order in which they were entered. Most often this order is not useful.

(A) Formula
(B) Format
(C) Layout
(D) Record

Answer:(D) Record

Q3. What is a form in MS Access?

(A) It is a printed page where users will write their data to fill it up
(B) It is an input screen designed to make the viewing and entering data easier
(C) This is an important part of database used by analysts to draw conclusions
(D) All of above

Answer: (B) It is an input screen designed to make the viewing and entering data easier

Q4. Which of the following is not a type of relationship that can be applied in Access Database?

(A) One to One
(B) One to Many
(C) Many to Many
(D) All of above can be applied

Answer: (D) All of above can be applied

Q5. The database language that allows you to access or maintain data in a database

(A) Dcl
(B) Dml
(C) Ddl
(D) None of above

Answer: (A) Dcl

Q6. What determines a table’s sort order?

(A) AutoNumber field
(B) Index field
(C) Field order
(D) Primary key

Answer:(B) Index field

Q7. Which of the following may not be a database?

(A) Data presented in table in MS Word document
(B) Data entered in Excel spreadsheet
(C) A presentation created in PowerPoint
(D) A telephone diary

Answer: (C) A presentation created in PowerPoint

Q8. You can move between fields in a form by using any of these keys except

(A) Tab
(B) Enter
(C) Shift + tab
(D) Page up

Answer: (D) Page up

Q9. Which data type is better to use for storing the price of an item?

(A) Text
(B) AutoNumber
(C) Number
(D) Currency

Answer: (D) Currency

Q10. In MS Access, OLE Object Data type can store

(A) Microsoft Word documents
(B) Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
(C) Sounds
(D) All of the Above

Answer: (D) All of the Above

(A) Relational
(B) Structural
(C) Network
(D) All of the above

Answer: (B) Structural

Q12. Which of the following Format supports for Data Type Yes/No?

(A) Yes/No
(B) True/False
(C) On/Off
(D) All of Above

Answer: (D) All of Above

Q13. Which of the following functions is used to all the values in a numeric field?

(A) Num
(B) Count
(C) Sum
(D) Total

Answer: (B) Count

Q14. The default and maximum size of text field in Access

(A) 50 and 255 Characters
(B) 8 and 1 GB
(C) 266 characters & 64000 characters
(D) None of above

Answer: (A) 50 and 255 Characters

Q15. The __ Builder is an Access tool for selecting colors from a palette or creating custom colors.

(A) Color
(B) Expression
(C) Palette
(D) Property

Answer: (A) Color

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