Class 7 English MCQ Questions with Answers Poem 8 Meadow Surprises

Here you will find NCERT MCQ Questions for Class 7 English with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per CBSE new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the chapters. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Class 7 English. Each question has four options followed by the right answer. These MCQ Questions are selected supported by the newest exam pattern as announced by CBSE.

Q1. The shape of the dandelion is:

(a) umbrella shaped
(b) like a candy
(c) parachute like
(d) none of the above

Answer: (a) umbrella shaped

Q2. Who live in mounds.

(a) Mongoose
(b) Ants
(c) Snake
(d) Rabbits

Answer: (b) Ants

Q3. The ‘drinking straws’ refer to butterfly’s –

(a) Wings
(b) Sting
(c) Eyes

Answer: (b) Sting.

Q4. One should explore the who live in the meadows.

(a) houses made by different
(b) food collected by the animals animals
(c) possibility of life for those
(d) both (a) and (b)

Answer: (a) houses made by different

Q5. Give the meaning of ‘explore’.

(a) write
(b) play
(c) search
(d) god

Answer: (c) search

Q6. Butterflies usually feed –

(a) Nectar
(b) Insects
(c) Leaves

Answer: (a) Nectar.

Q7. Who make(s) burrows ?

(a) the ants
(b) the rabbits
(c) the snails
(d) the squirrel

Answer: (b) the rabbits

Q8. Name the poet of the poem ‘Meadow Surprises’.

(a) Shirley Bauer
(b) Lois Brandt Phillips
(c) Kit Wright
(d) Michael Rosen

Answer: (b) Lois Brandt Phillips

Q9. Butterflies unfold its drinking straws to –

(a) Sip the nectar up
(b) Blow with the wind
(c) Sleep

Answer: (a) Sip the nectar up.

Q10. An alert man can find – in the meadows:

(a) a treasure
(b) a cow
(c) the soil
(d) surprises

Answer: (d) surprises

Q11. The meadows walk very –

(a) Softly
(b) Forte
(c) Slowly

Answer: (a) Softly.

Q12. The meadow offers surprises like:

(a) tableware
(b) wild burrows
(c) kitchenware
(d) wild plants

Answer: (d) wild plants

Q13. Name the poem.

(a) Trees
(b) Meadow Surprises
(c) The Shed
(d) Chivvy

Answer: (b) Meadow Surprises

Q14. Meadows walk through –

(a) Valley
(b) Velvet grass
(c) River bank

Answer: (b) Velvet grass.

Q15. If you have alert eyes and ears you

(a) can discover the surprises
(b) can discover the wealth hidden
(c) can discover the nature
(d) none of the above

Answer: (a) can discover the surprises

Q16. Where are the burrows?

(a) In the ground
(b) In the houses
(c) On the trees
(d) None of these

Answer: (a) In the ground

Q17. Meadows listen by the –

(a) Brook
(b) Trees
(c) Delves

Answer:(a) Brook.

Q18. Who hops and runs when it is scared ?

(a) the squirrel
(b) the pigeon
(c) the rabbit
(d) the dove

Answer: (c) the rabbit

Q19. Who lives in burrows?

(a) Mongoose
(b) Ants
(c) Shake
(d) Rabbits

Answer: (d) Rabbits

Q20. You may see a butterfly, rest upon a –

(a) Hill
(b) Buttercup
(c) Valley

Answer: (b) Buttercup.

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