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Q1. Pick up the constituent of good brick earth whose excess causes the raw bricks shrink and warp during drying and burning, from the following:

(A) Alumina
(B) Lime
(C) Iron-oxide
(D) Magnesia

Answer: (A) Alumina

Q2. Number of bricks required for one cubic metre of brick masonry is

(A) 400
(B) 450
(C) 500
(D) 550

Answer: (C) 500

Q3. Lime putty

(A) Is made from hydraulic lime
(B) Is made by adding lime to water
(C) Can be used only upto three days
(D) All of above

Answer: (D) All of above

Q4. The type of bond provided in brick masonry for carrying heavy loads is

(A) Single Flemish bond
(B) Double Flemish bond
(C) English bond
(D) Zigzag bond

Answer: (C) English bond

Q5. Which one of the following is used for preparing porcelain?

(A) Clay
(B) Feldspar
(C) Quartz
(D) All of these

Answer: (D) All of these

Q6. The stone suitable for rubble masonry should be.

(A) Hard
(B) Tough
(C) Heavy
(D) Light

Answer: (A) Hard

Q7. Blister steel

(A) Is obtained by cementation process
(B) Is full of fissures and cavities
(C) Can be easily welded
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q8. The main ingredients of Portland cement are

(A) Lime and silica
(B) Lime and alumina
(C) Silica and alumina
(D) Lime and iron

Answer: (A) Lime and silica

Q9. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) Air bubbles in casting produce a dull sound by tapping their surfaces lightly with a hammer
(B) Cupola furnace is used for the manufacture of cast iron
(C) Red short iron is of no value for welding purpose
(D) All the above

Answer:(D) All the above

Q10. Gypsum is a

(A) Mechanically formed sedimentary rock
(B) Igneous rock
(C) Chemically precipitated sedimentary rock
(D) Metamorphic rock

Answer: (C) Chemically precipitated sedimentary rock

Q11. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) Blistering may be cured by applying water paint finished with oil paint dried with a little copal varnish
(B) Cracked paints may be cured by removing paint and giving a fresh coat of paint
(C) Crawling paints may be cured by sand preparing the surface and giving a fresh coat with plenty of turps
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q12. Spalling hammer is used for

(A) Driving wooden headed chisels
(B) Rough dressing of stones
(C) Carving of stones
(D) Breaking small projection of stones

Answer:(B) Rough dressing of stones

Q13. Seasoning of timber is done

(A) To make it water proof
(B) To paint its surface
(C) To increase its temperature
(D) To remove water

Answer:(D) To remove water

Q14. After storage, the strength of cement

(A) Decreases
(B) Increases
(C) Remains same
(D) May increase or decrease

Answer: (A) Decreases

Q15. Bullet proof glass is made of thick glass sheet sandwiched by a layer of

(A) Steel
(B) Stainless steel
(C) High test plastic
(D) Chromium plate

Answer: (C) High test plastic

Building Materials MCQ with Answers

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