Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Set – 49

Here you will find GK MCQ Questions for Chemistry GK with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Chemistry GK. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Chemistry GK. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Question 1.

When there are two electrons in the same orbital, they have:

A. Same spin
B. Opposite spin
C. Same or opposite spin
D. No spin

Ans: B. Opposite spin

Question 2.

The nuclear particle having no mass and no charge, but only spin is

A. Proton
B. Neutrino
C. Meson
D. Electron

Ans: B. Neutrino

Question 3.

Which one of the following elements is least likely to be found in commercial fertilisers?

A. Nitrogen
B. Phosphorous
C. Potassium
D. Silicon

Ans: D. Silicon

Question 4.

The name of unreactive gas is

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Hydrogen
C. Nitrogen
D. Oxygen

Ans: C. Nitrogen

Question 5.

The antiparticle of an electron is

A. Positron
B. Proton
C. Alpha particles
D. Beta particles

Ans: A. Positron

Question 6.

The orientation of an atomic orbital is governed by

A. Principal quantum number
B. Magnetic quantum number
C. Spin quantum number
D. Azimuthal quantum number

Ans: B. Magnetic quantum number

Question 7.

Which of the following is caused by the higher concentration of Nitrogen and Phosphorous ?

A. Eutrophication
B. Hardness
C. Alkalinity
D. Acidity

Ans: A. Eutrophication

Question 8.

The green colour seen in firework displays is due to the chloride salt of :

A. Sodium
B. Strontium
C. Barium
D. Calcium

Ans: C. Barium

Question 9.

Nucleons are regarded as composites sub-particles known as

A. Mesons
B. Quarks
C. Leptons
D. Photons

Ans: B. Quarks

Question 10.

‘Atomic theory’ of matter was given by

A. Avogadro
B. Dalton
C. Newton
D. Pascal

Ans: B. Dalton

Question 11.

If the sewage is fully oxidized, the nitrogen is in the form of

A. Nitrites
B. Ammonia
C. Nitramines
D. Nitrates

Ans: D. Nitrates

Question 12.

In deep-sea diving, divers use a mixture of gases consisting of oxygen and

A. Hydrogen
B. Nitrogen
C. Argon
D. Helium

Ans: B. Nitrogen

Question 13.

Conduction band electrons have more mobility than holes because they

A. Are lighter
B. Experience collision less frequently
C. Have negative charge
D. Need less energy to move them

Ans: B. Experience collision less frequently

Question 14.

The most suitable unit for expressing nuclear radius is :

A. Nanometre
B. Fermi
C. Angstrom
D. Micron

Ans: C. Angstrom

Question 15.

If all bullets could not be removed from gun shot injury of a man, it may cause poisoning by

A. Mercury
B. Lead
C. Iron
D. Arsenic

Ans: B. Lead

Question 16.

Now-a-days yellow lamps are frequently used as street lights. Which of the following gases is used in these lamps ?

A. Sodium
B. Neon
C. Hydrogen
D. Nitrogen

Ans: A. Sodium

Question 17.

Which one of the following has greatest mass ?

A. Electron
B. Proton
C. Neutron
D. Hydrogen nucleus

Ans: C. Neutron

Question 18.

The total energy of revolving electron in an atom

A. Cannot be negative
B. Can have any value above zero
C. Can never be positive
D. Will always be positive

Ans: C. Can never be positive

Question 19.

Extensively used nitrogenous fertilizer is

A. Ammonium nitrate
B. Urea
C. Ammonium sulphate
D. Nitro-lime

Ans: B. Urea

Question 20.

Which of the following is not soluble in water ?

A. Lead Sulphate
B. Zinc sulphate
C. Potassium sulphate
D. Sodium sulphate

Ans: B. Zinc sulphate

Chemistry GK MCQs all set

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