Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Set – 36

Here you will find GK MCQ Questions for Chemistry GK with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Chemistry GK. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Chemistry GK. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Question 1.

Stains of rust on clothes can be removed by :

A. Oxalic acid
B. Petrol
C. Alcohol
D. H2O2

Ans: A. Oxalic acid

Question 2.

Detergents are

A. Sodium salts of fatty acids
B. Sodium salts of sulphonic acids
C. Sodium salt of benzoic acid
D. None of the above

Ans: B. Sodium salts of sulphonic acids

Question 3.

Synthetic detergents are prepared from

A. Potassium salts of higher fatty-acids
B. Sodium salts of higher fattyacids
C. Hydrocarbons of petroleum
D. Glycerides

Ans: C. Hydrocarbons of petroleum

Question 4.

Synthetic detergents are made from

A. Sodium stearate
B. Sodium salt of benzene sulphonic acid
C. Sodium salt of benzene carboxylic acid
D. Sodium palmitate

Ans: B. Sodium salt of benzene sulphonic acid

Question 5.

One of the constituents of tear gas is

A. Ethane
B. Ethanol
C. Ether
D. Chloropicrin

Ans: D. Chloropicrin

Question 6.

The metal compound commonly found in Sindhoor or Kumkum is based on

A. Tin
B. Lead
C. Copper
D. Zinc

Ans: B. Lead

Question 7.

What is a mixture of potassium nitrate, powdered charcoal and sulphur called?

A. Glass
B. Cement
C. Paint
D. Gun powder

Ans: D. Gun powder

Question 8.

Commonly used antiseptic ‘Dettol’ is a mixture of

A. O-chlorophenoxylenol + terepineol
B. O-cresol + terepineol
C. Phenol + terepineol
D. Chloroxylenol + terepineol

Ans: D. Chloroxylenol + terepineol

Question 9.

The element used for making solar cells is

A. Magnesium
B. Sodium
C. Calcium
D. Silicon

Ans: D. Silicon

Question 10.

Substance used as an anti freeze in radiators of automobiles is :

A. Methyl alcohol and H2O
B. Methyl alcohol
C. Ethyl alcohol
D. Ethyl alcohol and H2O

Ans: A. Methyl alcohol and H2O

Question 11.

Iodex, a pain relief balm, has the smell of __ .

A. Methyl salicylate
B. Ethyl salicylate
C. Propyl salicylate
D. Butyl salicylate

Ans: A. Methyl salicylate

Question 12.

The gas used in the artificial ripening of fruits is

A. Acetylene
B. Methane
C. Ethane
D. Butane

Ans: A. Acetylene

Question 13.

DDT and BHC may act as

A. Allergens
B. Carcinogens
C. Asthematic agents
D. None of these

Ans: B. Carcinogens

Question 14.

Which of the following is used to remove rust stains on cloth?

B. Lime
C. Oxalic acid solution
D. Petrol

Ans: C. Oxalic acid solution

Question 15.

Silver halides are used in photographic plates because they are

A. Oxidised in air
B. Soluble in hyposolution
C. Reduced by light
D. Totally colourless

Ans: C. Reduced by light

Question 16.

The common refrigerant in domestic refrigerator is

A. Neon
B. Oxygen
C. Nitrogen
D. Freon

Ans: D. Freon

Question 17.

Gunpowder consists of a mixture of

A. Sand and TNT
B. TNT and charcoal
C. Nitre, sulphur and charcoal
D. Sulphur, sand and charcoal

Ans: C. Nitre, sulphur and charcoal

Question 18.

Which is not an anasthetic agent in surgical operations?

A. Chloroform
B. Ether
C. Nitrous oxide
D. Acetone

Ans: D. Acetone

Question 19.

Who developed Hydrogen Bomb?

A. Wernher Von Braun
B. J. Robert Oppen Heimer
C. Edward Teller
D. Samuel Cohen

Ans: C. Edward Teller

Question 20.

The chemical used in embalming biological materials is

A. Formaldehyde in water
B. Formaldehyde in methanol
C. Ethylene glycol
D. Gaseous formaldehyde

Ans: A. Formaldehyde in water

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