Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Set – 18

Question 1.

Major portion of the earth’s crust is mainly constituted by

A. Oxygen and Iron
B. Oxygen and Silicon
C. Silicon and Iron
D. Silicon and Aluminium

Ans: B. Oxygen and Silicon

Question 2.

Which of the following could be used as fuel in propellant or rockets ?

A. Liquid Hydrogen + Liquid Nitrogen
B. Liquid Oxygen + Liquid Argon
C. Liquid Nitrogen + Liquid Oxygen
D. Liquid Hydrogen + Liquid Oxygen

Ans: D. Liquid Hydrogen + Liquid Oxygen

Question 3.

Carbon monoxide is an inflammable gas. Which one of the following is also inflammable?

A. Helium
B. Nitrogen
C. Oxygen
D. Hydrogen

Ans: D. Hydrogen

Question 4.

The lightest gas which is non-inflammable is

A. Hydrogen
B. Helium
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen

Ans: B. Helium

Question 5.

In surgery, metal pins are used for joining together broken bones. These metal pins remain uncorroded in the body. What is the material of these pins?

A. Copper
B. Iron
C. Aluminium
D. Titanium


Question 6.

Which gas is used for converting vegetable oils into saturated fats ?

A. H2
B. O2
C. Cl2
D. SO2

Ans: A. H2

Question 7.

When Hydrogen starts burning in air, it produces ?

A. Ammonia
B. Water
C. Methane
D. Carbonic Acid

Ans: B. Water

Question 8.

Preparation of ‘Dalda or Vanaspati’ ghee from vegetable oil utilizes the following process :

A. Hydrolysis
B. Oxidation
C. Hydrogenation
D. Ozonolysis

Ans: C. Hydrogenation

Question 9.

Name two elements that find wide application in transistor industry.

A. Silicon and Germanium
B. Carbon and Platinum
C. Iridium and Germanium
D. Tungsten and Platinum

Ans: A. Silicon and Germanium

Question 10.

Which of the following gases will effuse out of football bladder most quickly ?

A. He
B. H2
C. N2
D. O2

Ans: B. H2

Question 11.

The gas which turns into liquid at the lowest temperature among the following is

A. Hydrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Helium
D. Nitrogen

Ans: A. Hydrogen

Question 12.

Which among the following is pure matter ?

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Brass
C. Air
D. Iron

Ans: A. Carbon dioxide

Question 13.

Which one is the naturally occuring heaviest element?

A. Mercury
B. Thorium
C. Uranium
D. Protactinium

Ans: C. Uranium

Question 14.

The property of hydrogen which distinguishes it from alkali metals is

A. Its electropositive character
B. Its affinity for non-metal
C. Its reducing character
D. Its non-metallic character

Ans: D. Its non-metallic character

Question 15.

The gas that is used in the manufacture of vanaspati ghee is :

A. Oxygen
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Hydrogen
D. Nitrogen

Ans: C. Hydrogen

Question 16.

The National Chemical Laboratory (India) is located in

A. Mumbai
B. Bangaluru
C. Hyderabad
D. Pune

Ans: D. Pune

Question 17.

Which of the following will replace hydrogen from acids to form salts ?

A. S
B. Na
C. Ag
D. P

Ans: B. Na

Question 18.

Hydrogen is not found in atmosphere because

A. It is highly inflammable
B. It is the lightest gas
C. It is absorbed by plants
D. It immediately combines with oxygen to form water

Ans: B. It is the lightest gas

Question 19.

Which one of the following metals does not react with water to produce Hydrogen ?

A. Potassium
B. Cadmium
C. Sodium
D. Lithium

Ans: B. Cadmium

Question 20.

Who is known as the ‘father of modern chemistry’?

A. John Dalton
B. Robert Boyle
C. Antoine Lavoisier
D. Democritus

Ans: C. Antoine Lavoisier

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