Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions Set – 10

Question 1.

Sea water can be purified by the process of

A. Distillation
C. Filtration
D. Fractional distillation

Ans: A. Distillation

Question 2.

Element 106 was discovered by

A. Rutherford
B. Seaborg
C. Lawrence
D. Kurchatove

Ans: B. Seaborg

Question 3.

Which of the following is not a noble gas ?

A. Hydrogen
B. Helium
C. Neon
D. Argon

Ans: A. Hydrogen

Question 4.

Which among the following metals provides amphoteric oxide ?

A. Sodium
B. Silver
C. Aluminium
D. Calcium

Ans: C. Aluminium

Question 5.

A mixture of water and alcohol can be separated by

A. Filtration
B. Evaporation
C. Decantation
D. Distillation

Ans: D. Distillation

Question 6.

The gas used for filling weather balloons is

A. Helium
B. Hydrogen
C. Air
D. Nitrogen

Ans: A. Helium

Question 7.

Milk is a

A. Mixture
B. Element
C. Metal
D. None of these

Ans: A. Mixture

Question 8.

Impure camphor is purified by

A. Sublimation
B. Fractional crystallisation
C. Fractional distillation
D. Steam distillation

Ans: A. Sublimation

Question 9.

Which one is a naturally occuring noble gas?

A. Sodium
B. Potassium
C. Argon
D. Boron

Ans: C. Argon

Question 10.

The most abundant element is

A. Calcium
B. Silicon
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen

Ans: C. Oxygen

Question 11.

Mixture can be

A. Homogeneous
B. Heterogeneous
C. Both A and B
D. Pure substance

Ans: C. Both A and B

Question 12.

Iron filings can be separated from a heterogeneous mixture using the technique of :

A. Sublimation
B. Magnetization
C. Sedimentation
D. Evaporation

Ans: B. Magnetization

Question 13.

Total number of naturally occurring elements

A. 62
B. 92
C. 98
D. 110

Ans: B. 92

Question 14.

A balloon filled with helium rises in air because

A. Air exerts an upward force on the balloon
B. The balloon is weightless
C. Helium is less dense than air
D. Helium pushes down on the air below the balloon

Ans: C. Helium is less dense than air

Question 15.

Which one out of the following helps in burning ?

A. Oxygen
B. Carbon monoxide
C. Nitrogen
D. Carbon dioxide

Ans: A. Oxygen

Question 16.

Electric bulbs are filled with :

A. Nitrogen
B. Carbon dioxide
C. Argon
D. Oxygen

Ans: C. Argon

Question 17.

The coloured discharge tubes for advertisement mainly contain

A. Xenon
B. Argon
C. Helium
D. Neon

Ans: D. Neon

Question 18.

Which one of the following is also known as solution ?

A. A compound
B. A homogeneous mixture
C. A heterogeneous mixture
D. A suspension

Ans: B. A homogeneous mixture

Question 19.

Except mercury which is the other metal that is liquid at standard conditions for temperature and pressure?

A. Lead
B. Bromine
C. Barium
D. Magnesium

Ans: B. Bromine

Question 20.

The most abundant inert gas in the atmosphere is

A. Helium
B. Neon
C. Argon
D. Krypton

Ans: C. Argon

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