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Here you will find GK MCQ Questions for Chemistry GK with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Chemistry GK. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Chemistry GK. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Question 1.

Ozone consists of

A. Oxygen only
B. Oxygen and Nitrogen
C. Hydrogen and Carbon
D. Oxygen and Carbon

A. Oxygen only

Question 2.

0.01 mole of NaOH is added to 10 liters of water. The pH of water changes by

A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. 7

B. 4

Question 3.

Which of the following partially miscible liquid pairs has both lower and upper critical solution temperature?

A. Water and Phenol
B. Aniline and n-hexane
C. Glycerine and m-toluene
D. Water and diethyl aniline

C. Glycerine and m-toluene

Question 4.

Ozone layer is present in

A. Troposphere
B. Ionosphere
C. Stratosphere
D. Exosphere

C. Stratosphere

Question 5.

Which of the following methods is used in determining the number average molar mass of a macromolecule?

A. Viscosity
B. Osmotic pressure
C. Sedimentation equilibrium
D. Light scattering

B. Osmotic pressure

Question 6.

The aprotic solvent is

A. H2O
B. C6H6
D. NH3


Question 7.

The presence of ozone in the stratosphere is responsible for

A. Increasing the average global temperature in recent years
B. Higher rate of photosynthesis
C. Checking the penetration of ultraviolet rays to the earth
D. Supplying oxygen for people travelling in jets

C. Checking the penetration of ultraviolet rays to the earth

Question 8.

Molality of pure water is

A. 18.00
B. 1.80
C. 5.55
D. 55.5

D. 55.5

Question 9.

Which of the following has the highest lattice energy?

B. CsF
C. NaF
D. RbF

C. NaF

Question 10.

The major use of sulphur is in the manufacture of

A. H2SO4
B. H2S
C. SO2
D. Fungicide

A. H2SO4

Question 11.

A solution is

A. A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances
B. A solid dissolved in a liquid
C. A solid dissolved i water
D. A mixture of two liquids

A. A homogeneous mixture of two or more substances

Question 12.

Which of the following substance is highly plastic ?

A. Quartz
B. Mica
C. Granite
D. Clay

D. Clay

Question 13.

Percentage of lead in lead pencils is

A. 0
B. 31-66
C. 40
D. 80

A. 0

Question 14.

Which one is the most dense liquid from the below?

A. Water
B. Choloform
C. Gasolin
D. None of the above

B. Choloform

Question 15.

Soldering of two metals is possible because of the property of :

A. Viscosity
B. Osmosis
C. Cohesion
D. Surface tension

C. Cohesion

Question 16.

“Paramagnetism” is the property of

A. Paired electrons
B. Completely filled electronics subshells
C. Unpaired electrons
D. Completely vacant electronic subshells

C. Unpaired electrons

Question 17.

The structure of NaCl crystal is

A. Body centered cubic
B. Face centered cubic
C. Octahedral
D. Square planar

B. Face centered cubic

Chemistry GK MCQs all set

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