Building Materials Questions and Answers – Set 15

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Q1. In the cement the compound quickest to react with water, is

(A) Tri-calcium aluminate
(B) Tetra-calcium alumino-ferrite
(C) Tri-calcium silicate
(D) Di-calcium silicate

Answer: (A) Tri-calcium aluminate

Q2. The hardest rock is

(A) Marble
(B) Diamond
(C) Talc
(D) Quartz

Answer: (B) Diamond

Q3. Which of the following timbers is suitable for making sports goods?

(A) Mulberry
(B) Mahogany
(C) Sal
(D) Deodar

Answer:(A) Mulberry

Q4. Which of the following gradients exerts maximum influence on properties of steel?

(A) Iron
(B) Carbon
(C) Manganese
(D) Sulphur

Answer: (B) Carbon

Q5. Wrought iron is used for

(A) Structural works in beams
(B) Small sized water pipes
(C) Columns and struts
(D) None to these

Answer: (B) Small sized water pipes

Q6. The stones obtained by blasting are used as

(A) Ballast in railways
(B) Aggregates for concrete
(C) Road metal
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q7. Stainless steel contains

(A) 18% of chromium and 8% nickel
(B) 8% of chromium and 18% of nickel
(C) 12% of chromium and 36% of nickel
(D) 36% of chromium and 12% of nickel

Answer: (A) 18% of chromium and 8% nickel

Q8. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) Corrugated sheet iron is made by passing plain sheets between grooved rollers
(B) Strength and stiffness of corrugated sheets are considerably increased
(C) Corrugated sheets are generally used on slanting roofs
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q9. The minimum percentage of silica, alumina and ferric oxide in lime for white washing, is

(A) 20
(B) 15
(C) 5
(D) 0

Answer: (D) 0

Q10. Excess of silica in brick earth results in

(A) Cracking and warping of bricks
(B) Loss of cohesion
(C) Enhancing the impermeability of bricks
(D) None of the above

Answer: (B) Loss of cohesion

Q11. The process of mixing clay, water and other ingredients to make brick is known as

(A) Kneading
(B) Moulding
(C) Pugging
(D) Drying

Answer:(A) Kneading

Q12. Mastic asphalt is

(A) Water proof
(B) Fire proof
(C) Elastic
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q13. Which one of the following is acid resistant asbestos?

(A) Actinolite asbestos
(B) Amosite asbestos
(C) Anthophylite asbestos
(D) All the above

Answer:(D) All the above

Q14. The type of steel used for precision levelling staff, is

(A) Titanium steel
(B) Carbon steel
(C) Invar
(D) Stainless steel

Answer: (C) Invar

Q15. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) Lime is available in Free State
(B) Lime is available by dissolving calcium carbonate in water
(C) Lime is available by calcining calcium carbonate at 900°C
(D) Lime is nothing but calcium chloride

Answer: (C) Lime is available by calcining calcium carbonate at 900°C

Building Materials MCQ with Answers

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