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Q1. According to ISI, bitumen is classified into

(A) 2 grades
(B) 4 grades
(C) 8 grades
(D) 10 grades

Answer: (D) 10 grades

Q2. Lime stone is not a

(A) Sedimentary rock
(B) Stratified rock
(C) Aqueous rock
(D) Metamorphic rock

Answer: (D) Metamorphic rock

Q3. Bitumen in

(A) Solid state, is called asphalt
(B) Semi fluid state, is called mineral tar
(C) Fluid state, is called petroleum
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q4. Basalt is

(A) Sedimentary rock
(B) Metamorphic rock
(C) Extrusive igneous rock
(D) Intrusive igneous rock

Answer: (C) Extrusive igneous rock

Q5. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) The heating of a material to redness in contact with air, is known as calcination
(B) The property of lime by which it sets or hardens in damp places having no free circulation of air is called setting
(C) The product that remains after calcination of limestone, is called lime
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q6. Varnish is a transparent or semi-transparent solution of resinous substances in

(A) Alcohol
(B) Linseed
(C) Turpentine
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q7. The size of mould for bricks, is generally kept

(A) A little large to specified size
(B) A little small to specified size
(C) Equal to specified size
(D) 10% larger than specified size

Answer: (A) A little large to specified size

Q8. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) The average crushing strength of hand moulded bricks is 6000 t/m2
(B) The average tensile strength of hand moulded brick is 200 t/m2
(C) The average shearing strength of hand moulded brick is 600 t/m2
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q9. Refractory bricks are used for

(A) Retaining walls
(B) Columns
(C) Piers
(D) Combustion chambers

Answer: (D) Combustion chambers

Q10. For construction of structures under water, the type of lime used, is

(A) Hydraulic lime
(B) Fat lime
(C) Quick lime
(D) Pure lime

Answer: (A) Hydraulic lime

Q11. Snowcrete is one of the patent forms of

(A) Distempers
(B) Water proof cement paints
(C) Enamel paints
(D) Cellulose paints

Answer: (B) Water proof cement paints

Q12. Minimum required water cement ratio for a workable concrete, is

(A) 0.30
(B) 0.40
(C) 0.50
(D) 0.60

Answer: (B) 0.40

Q13. French polish is

(A) Oil paint
(B) Distemper
(C) Spirit varnish
(D) None to these

Answer: (C) Spirit varnish

Q14. Cast iron is used for

(A) Structural works in beams
(B) Small sized water pipes
(C) Columns and struts
(D) None to these

Answer: (C) Columns and struts

Q15. Minimum of 40% of iron, is available in

(A) Magnetite
(B) Red haematite
(C) Limonite
(D) Black band

Answer: (D) Black band

Building Materials MCQ with Answers

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