Building Materials Exam Questions – Set 19

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Q1. Second class bricks

(A) Are of dark brown color
(B) Produce a metallic sound when struck
(C) Are well burnt
(D) Are under burnt

Answer: (B) Produce a metallic sound when struck

Q2. The cast iron when heated to red heat with powdered red haematite in an oven for increasing its toughness, is converted to

(A) Grey cast iron
(B) White cast iron
(C) Mottled cast iron
(D) Toughed cast iron

Answer: (C) Mottled cast iron

Q3. The rocks formed by gradual deposition, are called

(A) Sedimentary rocks
(B) Igneous rocks
(C) Metamorphic rocks
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Sedimentary rocks

Q4. Wrought iron contains carbon upto

(A) 0.25 %
(B) 1.0 %
(C) 1.5 %
(D) 2.0 %

Answer:(A) 0.25 %

Q5. A well seasoned timber may contain moisture up to

(A) 4 to 6 %
(B) 6 to 8 %
(C) 8 to 10 %
(D) 10 to 12 %

Answer: (D) 10 to 12 %

Q6. Plastic

(A) Is an organic substance
(B) Consists of natural or synthetic binders
(C) Finished products are rigid and stable at normal temperature
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q7. The variety of pig iron used for manufacture of wrought iron, is

(A) Bessemer pig
(B) Grey or foundry pig
(C) White forge pig
(D) Mottled pig

Answer: (C) White forge pig

Q8. The usual percentages of clay and metal in cermet are:

(A) 50%, 50%
(B) 60%, 40%
(C) 70%, 30%
(D) 80%, 20%

Answer: (D) 80%, 20%

Q9. Apiece of sawn timber whose cross-sectional dimensions exceed 5 cm, in one direction and 20 cm in the other direction, is called a

(A) Cant
(B) Deal
(C) Baulk
(D) Strip

Answer: (C) Baulk

Q10. Kaolin is chemically classified as

(A) Metamorphic rock
(B) Argillaceous rock
(C) Calcareous rock
(D) Siliceous rock

Answer: (B) Argillaceous rock

Q11. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A) The plastic bottles are made by the process of blowing
(B) The application of thermo-setting resins on sheets of paper, is called laminating process
(C) The plastic articles made by placing raw material in the desired moulds, is known as moulding process
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q12. Rocks formed due to alteration of original structure due to heat and excessive pressure are called

(A) Sedimentary rocks
(B) Igneous rocks
(C) Metamorphic rocks
(D) None of these

Answer: (C) Metamorphic rocks

Q13. Sewer pipes are made of

(A) Earthen ware
(B) Stone ware
(C) Refractory clay
(D) All the above

Answer: (B) Stone ware

Q14. The specific gravity of marble, is

(A) 2.50
(B) 2.60
(C) 2.66
(D) 2.72

Answer: (D) 2.72

Q15. Geologically, marble is known as

(A) Sedimentary rock
(B) Igneous rock
(C) Metamorphic rock
(D) Stratified rock

Answer: (C) Metamorphic rock

Building Materials MCQ with Answers

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