Building Materials and Construction Viva Questions – Set 28

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Q1. German silver is an alloy of

(A) Zinc, lead and nickel
(B) Silver, gold and lead
(C) Copper, nickel and zinc
(D) Copper, brass and zinc

Answer: (C) Copper, nickel and zinc

Q2. In stone masonry, stones (stratified rocks) are so placed that the direction of pressure to the plane of bedding is

(A) Right angles
(B) 45°
(C) 60°
(D) Parallel

Answer: (A) Right angles

Q3. Stones used for the construction of retaining walls must be

(A) Soft
(B) Hard
(C) Light
(D) Heavy

Answer: (D) Heavy

Q4. Mild steel is used for

(A) Structural works in beams, joints and girders
(B) Small sized water pipes
(C) Columns and struts
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Structural works in beams, joints and girders

Q5. For the manufacture of stainless steel, steel is mixed with

(A) Chromium
(B) Nickel
(C) Tungsten
(D) None of these

Answer: (A) Chromium

Q6. The most durable varnish is

(A) Water varnish
(B) Spirit varnish
(C) Turpentine varnish
(D) Oil varnish

Answer: (D) Oil varnish

Q7. Permanent magnets are made of high carbon steel and

(A) 15% of cobalt
(B) 20% of cobalt
(C) 35% of cobalt
(D) 45% of cobalt

Answer: (D) 45% of cobalt

Q8. The most valuable timber may be obtained from

(A) Chir
(B) Shishum
(C) Sal
(D) Teak

Answer: (D) Teak

Q9. The presence of original rounded surface on the manufactured piece of timber, is called

(A) Wane
(B) Torn grain
(C) Diagonal grain
(D) Chipmark

Answer: (A) Wane

Q10. Softer variety of steel may be obtained by

(A) Cementation process
(B) Crucible process
(C) Bessemer process
(D) Open hearth process

(C) Bessemer process

Q11. Stainless steel resists corrosion due to

(A) Carbon
(B) Sulphur
(C) Vanadium
(D) Chromium

Answer: (D) Chromium

Q12. Mastic asphalt is

(A) Acid resisting material
(B) Non-corrosive material
(C) Corrosive material
(D) Heating-resisting material

Answer: (B) Non-corrosive material

Q13. In paints, the pigment is responsible for

(A) Durability
(B) Color
(C) Smoothness
(D) Glassy face

Answer: (B) Color

Q14. Bitumen emulsion is

(A) A liquid containing bitumen in suspension
(B) A paint
(C) Used as anti-corrosive paint
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Q15. The most important constituent of varnish, is

(A) Drier
(B) Solvent
(C) Resin
(D) All the above

Answer: (D) All the above

Building Materials MCQ with Answers

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