Biology Multiple Choice Questions Set – 11

Question 1.

A living part of the organisms environment is known as

A. Abiotic Factor
B. Habitat
C. Biotic Factor
D. Nonliving factor

C. Biotic Factor

Question 2.

A species inhabiting different geographical areas is known as

A. Allopatric species
B. Sympatric species
C. Bio species
D. Sibling species

A. Allopatric species

Question 3.

Grassland with scattered tree is known as

A. Savanna
B. Deciduous Forests
C. Evergreen Forests
D. Tropical Rain Forests

A. Savanna

Question 4.

Secondary consumers are eaten by larger

A. Fast animal
B. Animal in the third trophic level
C. Herbivorous animal
D. Predator

D. Predator

Question 5.

Lichen is a composite combination of two organisms.

A. Fungi and Bryophyta
B. Fungi and Fern
C. Algae and Bryophyta
D. Algae and Fungi

D. Algae and Fungi

Question 6.

Dr. Birbal Sahni; a famous Indian botanist is concerned with __ studies.

A. Algal
B. Fossil
C. Bryophytic
D. Fungal

B. Fossil

Question 7.

Some of the conifers in our northern areas include

A. Pines
B. Abies
C. Cedrus
D. All of the above

D. All of the above

Question 8.

Nitrogen Fixation is carried out primarily by

A. Plants
B. Humans
C. Consumers
D. Bacteria

D. Bacteria

Question 9.

Plants which grow on saline soils are known as

A. Xerophytes
B. Hydrophytes
C. Halophytes
D. Succulents

C. Halophytes

Question 10.

Which of these plants grow in an environment that is neither very wet nor very dry?

A. Mesophytes
B. Sporophyte
C. Saprophytes
D. Tracheophytes

A. Mesophytes

Question 11.

Organisms that depend only on raw plant products are said to be

A. Herbivorous
B. Vegetarian
C. Carnivorous
D. Omnivorous

A. Herbivorous

Question 12.

Which of the following organisms fix nitrogen in aquatic ecosystems?

A. Fungi
B. Chemoautotrophs
C. Cyanobacteria
D. Phytoplankton

C. Cyanobacteria

Question 13.

Which statement describes decomposers?

A. Decomposers are insignificant organisms in the ecosystem and can be absent in some ecosystems
B. Decomposers can produce their own source of energy and can sometimes act as primary producers
C. Decomposers are those organisms that recycle matter in the ecosystem
D. All the above

C. Decomposers are those organisms that recycle matter in the ecosystem

Question 14.

The scientific study of how organisms interact with their environment is called

A. Ecology
B. Evolution
C. Zoology
D. None of the above

A. Ecology

Question 15.

Which ecological pyramid can never be inverted

A. Pyramid of number
B. Pyramid of size
C. Pyramid of energy
D. Pyramid of biomass

C. Pyramid of energy

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