Best Good Morning Quotes and Wishes to Brighten Someone’s Day

Mornings are like nature in spring. They’re crazy busy — buzzing life, vitality, and enthusiasm. I LOVE mornings, and usually hit the floor running, eager to dive into the day. Good Morning Quotes are a great way to start your day and help put that pep in your step!

Share the best Good Morning Quotes wishes for him and her. These beautiful good morning quotes and images are funny, sweet, romantic, and inspirational.

Best Good Morning Quotes

“Not all wounds are so obvious. Enter gently into the lives of other people. Good Morning!!!”

Today is not just another day, but another possible chance to achieve what you couldn’t achieve yesterday. So get on your feet and chase after your success. Good morning.

Blessings of grace and peace be with you today and every day. Good Morning!

“Smile It Makes You Attractive, It Changes Your Mood, It Relieves Stress And It Helps You Stay Positive.” Good Morning Have a Happiest Day

Good morning signifies that like sunrise, you should raise your inner awareness to become a better being!

Making someone else happy
Is one of the best feelings.
Good Morning

“Just think, today is another day to work toward achieving all of your goals. Have a great morning!!!”

As you wake up from sleep today, know that I have faith in you. I believe in you, and I know you have what it takes to conquer the hurdles in your way. Just believe in yourself like I believe in you and you will achieve remarkable things in this life. Good morning.

If someone seriously wants to be part of you life, they will seriously make an effort to be in it. No reasons. No excuses. Good Morning.

“Knowledge is always greater than Money because you have to secure the money but Knowledge will secure Yourself.” – Good Morning Have a Happiest Day

Your destiny lies in your thoughts. It is very simple as has been said: “What you think, you become.” Hence think positive till the end of your life.

Life is not always
Full of reason to smile.
But your smile itself
Is a reason for others
To smile too.
Good Morning

“The day is awaiting you with rich and beautiful blessings. Accept and enjoy them as they come!”

The appearance of the sun every morning is a sign from God to let us know that there is new hope. So see each day as a special day made for you to achieve what you couldn’t achieve yesterday. Good morning.

Don’t wake up with the regret of what you couldn’t accomplish yesterday. Wake up while thinking about what will be able to achieve today. Good Morning!

“If you want to be happy, So start believing in yourself.” – Good Morning Have Beautiful Day

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end. Good Morning

Good Morning
Every little smile can touch
Somebody’s heart.
No one is born Happy,
But all of us are born with the
Ability to create happiness.
always be happy.

“If want to be happy, then start sharing your happiness with others, and try to make others happy. Good morning!!!”

Today is a new day, so make sure you do not allow anything or anyone bring your spirits down. Always stay happy and smile at life and it shall reciprocate by smiling back at you and making your day even lovelier. Good morning

A beautiful life does not just happens. It is built daily by prayers, humility, sacrifice and love. Good Morning!

“May you start today with a smile on your face, and happily for your soul to.” – Good morning Have a Happiest Day

The most beautiful feeling in the world is when you wake up early in the morning and listen to birds chirping. When you listen carefully, they are singing songs to call the Sun.

No matters
how good or bad your life is
wake up each morning and
be thankful that you still
have one.

“Every sunrise gives you a new beginning and a new ending. Let this morning be a new beginning to a better relationship and a new ending to the bad memories. It’s an opportunity to enjoy life, breathe freely, think and love. Be grateful for this beautiful day” ~ Norton Juster

Have a positive attitude towards life as you begin this day. I wish you strength to be able to make the best out of today. Good morning.

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You are a rare gem, an exclusive, a limited edition. There is only one of you! Have an amazing day! Good Morning!

“Don’t waste time explaining about yourself, Work Hard & Time will give your introduction to Other.” – Good Morning Have A Great Day

With the new day comes new strength and new thoughts. Have a Good Day!

Never Stop
Doing little things for others.
Sometimes those little things
Occupy the biggest part of
Their hearts.
Good Morning

“If you have only one smile in you, give it to the people you love. Don’t be surly at home, then go out in the street and start grinning ‘Good morning’ at total strangers” ~ Maya Angelou

As you open your eyes this fine morning, someone somewhere is taking their last breath on earth. What is the moral of this brief story? It teaches us to appreciate the life we have and make the best out of it. Have a good day!

Everyday is a new beginning. Take a deep breath, smile and start again. Good Morning!

“You don’t need everything to enjoy life. You have already got a life to enjoy everything.” – Good Morning Have a Beautiful Day

Every morning, would be better if I woke up next to you… Have a Good Day!

Never ignore a person
Who cares for you.
Because someday you’ll
Realize you’ve lost a diamond,
While you were busy
Collecting stones.
Good Morning

“What I know for sure is that every sunrise is like a new page, a chance to right ourselves and receive each day in all its glory. Each day is a wonder” ~ Oprah Winfrey

Today will never ever come back to you again. So do the best you can to achieve the success it has in it. Don’t relax. Push harder and harder and you will definitely meet with success. Good morning.

Good Morning. Let me love you if not for the rest of your life then for the rest of mine.

“Be Successful Not for Yourself, Be Successful for the people who want to see you Unsuccessful.” – Good Morning Have a Happiest Day

Some of us are thinking beings and all of us are feelings beings
Show heart more than you show brains.Good Day!

Take care of the
hearts Of others,
God will take care
Of yours.
Good Morning

“To experience true happiness, two things are quintessential: zero expectations and let go attitude.” ~ Invajy

Every new day is also a new chapter of life. Everyone has the power to make that new chapter a very beautiful one, and you, my friend, are no exception. Good morning!

It cost $0.00 to be grateful for what you have. Good Morning!

“Never forget Your Dreams & Continuously Try to Complete Them.” – Good Morning Have a Wonderful Day

Have dreams and work on them crazily. If you don’t have dreams, you will end up working for those who don’t have.

When life gives you a
Hundred reasons to break
Down and cry, show life that
You have a million reasons
To smile and laugh.
Stay strong.
Good Morning

“It always seems impossible until it’s done. Move ahead and finish it. Good Morning.”

Today is another beautiful day made for you. Begin this brand new day with new hope and determination and you will achieve whatever success you want to achieve. Good morning.

All the problems are stuck between Mind and Matter. If you don’t Mind, it doesn’t Matter. Good Morning! Have a wonderful day.

“Don’t hard work to prove, hard work to Improve.” – Good Morning Have a Beautiful Day

You can surely erase stories that are written on paper. But you can delete stories written on your heart.

“ Morning is the start of every
Day and I will live each day
Like it’s a new day,
Renewing our love.”
Good Morning

“Everyday is a fresh start, leave behind yesterday’s chaos and move ahead in life.”

God always blesses is with new opportunities with every blessed day He blesses us with. Never forget that. Good morning.

Good Morning! Wishing you a day full of sunny smiles and happy thoughts!

“If You Want To Make Your Dreams Come True, The First Thing You Have To Do Is Wake up.” – Good Morning Have an Amazing Day

Waking up this morning, I smile. 24 brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment. – Thich Nhat Hanh

A cup of a very hot Hello’s,
A plate of nice crispy wishes,
A spoon of sweet smiles
And a slice of awesome success,
Hope this breakfast makes your day lovely!
Good Morning

“A Bad Attitude is like a flat tire. You cannot reach anywhere until you change it. Good Morning.”

This is a new day, and I want you to rise up with a new belief that you can touch the sky, and nothing can stop you. Have a great morning and enjoy the rest of the day.

Good Morning! Another day, another blessing and another chance at life. Take nothing for granted and think of every breath as a gift.

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“The people who have the ability to make others happy, The god never decrease happiness in those lives.” – Good Morning Have a Beautiful Day

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love. – Marcus Aurelius

Something the best you can
Do is just remain silent
Because no words can explain
The battle that’s going on
In your heart and mind.
???? Good Morning ????

“Start your day with a smile because you are lucky to have seen a new day”

Today is another opportunity to make right choices and meet your goals. Good luck and good morning!

Sometimes the greatest test in life is being able to bless someone else while going through your own storm. Good Morning!

Every morning life gives us a empty page to fill up. Its your choice to make it best or worst. Because you are the author of your own story.

There is no day better than a day I spend with you. I look forward to another good morning soon when we can share the day together in love. Have a beautiful day!

“The Sun is up, the sky is blue, it’s beautiful, and so are you. Good Morning!”

Awake from your sleep. Say hello to the day. Put on your fighting gear; it’s time to tackle the day!

A happy person is happy, not because everything is right in his life. He is happy because his attitude towards everything in his life is right. Good Morning.

On some days, you will feel the dearth of the motivation to wake up and chase your dreams. How you carry yourself during those moments puts you in the category of champion or loser.

The rising of a brilliant sun is the first hint of the glorious mornings yet to come for us. Have an awesome day today! You deserve it!

“If you get up in the morning and think the future is going to be better, it is a bright day. Otherwise, it’s not.”

It’s not every day that we see such beauty. I see it only when I am with you. Good morning, sunshine!

Just in case no one has told you today, Good Morning. I believe in you, and you’re doing great.

Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death. -Arthur Schopenhauer

“She woke up every morning with the option of being anyone she wished. How beautiful that she always chose herself.” ~Tyler Kent White. Today, be who you are in your heart and know the joy of perfect self-expression.

“You are a rare gem, an exclusive, a limited edition. There is only one of you! Have an amazing day!”

I understand that you may want to sleep. I understand you are tired. But, just remember, do these things and you will be fired! Wake up!

Remember who you really are today. Know that you too have the power to overcome anything you may be facing. It’s time for you to Rise and Shine.

Every day I feel is a blessing from God. And I consider it a new beginning. Yeah, everything is beautiful. -Prince

On this important day, have a fantastic morning. As you embark on your new endeavor, promise yourself to take full advantage of every day ahead of you. You have so much to give and so much yet to receive. Remember the words of Rumi: “There is a morning inside you waiting to burst into light”.

“Opportunities will knock on your door every morning. But if you keep sleeping they will simply pass you by.”

Each morning, you can either dread what is ahead or embrace all that can be. Today, I pray you choose the latter and take on your day with confidence! Have a great morning!

Good Morning! Life never seems to be the way we want it, but we live it the best way we can. There is no perfect life, but we can fill it with perfect moments. Have a wonderful day!

This morning when I put on my underwear I could hear the fruit-of-the-loom guys laughing at me. -Rodney Dangerfield

Congratulations! You’ve arrived at one of the most exciting days of your life. It’s been a long road getting here, but you’ve made it! Now, move forward boldly, remembering the words of Heather Stillufsen, “Today, be brave. Walk faster than your fears. Don’t let what scares you stop you from living!”

“Move in silence. Only speak when it’s time to say checkmate. Have a great day ahead. Good Morning !!!”

The stars have gone away and the sun is rising. This means a new day has begun and the possibilities available to you are endless!

ending the warmest wishes your way, let them lighten up your day. Just like morning sun rays! Good morning.

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them. -William Arthur Ward

Good morning beautiful. You were my last thought falling asleep last night, and the first waking up this morning, I love you.

“Good morning signifies that like sunrise, you should raise your inner awareness to become a better being!”

From rainbows and mountains to peacocks and lions, nothing compares to seeing your beautiful face each day. Good morning, my love!

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Sending you millions of smiles! Take one each morning, because I want to see you smiling always. Have a blessed day. Good Morning.

Love. Fall in love and stay in love. Write only what you love, and love what you write. The key word is love. You have to get up in the morning and write something you love, something to live for. -Ray Bradbury

I hope this message is the first thing you see when you wake up and I makes you smile. Good morning, I love you.

“Life is a journey with problems to solve and lessons to learn but most of all …. experiences to enjoy. Good Morning…”

As the rooster crows, so do I wish to awaken you bright and early to the possibilities of this new day.

The importance of good people in our life is just like the importance of heartbeats. It’s not visible but silently supports our life. Good Morning.

I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, ‘Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.’ -Jim Carrey

love the mornings more then the night, it gives me a chance to think about you all day!

” Problems never stay long, they just put the signature in the experience book of your life and move away. Good Morning.”

Yesterday is already gone, and tomorrow may hold mysteries unknown. But today is yours to make, so enjoy it to the fullest. Everything will fall into places. Good morning.

good morning text doesn’t only mean Good Morning. It has a silent message that says you think of them when you wake up.

Every morning I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work. -Robert Orben

Emily Dickinson once said: “Morning without you is a dwindled dawn.” As I watch the sunrise without you, I can’t help thinking about how much I miss and love you.

“A happy person is happy, not because everything is right in his life. He is happy because his attitude towards everything in his life is right. Good Morning.”

Just when you open your eyes first thing in the morning, take a deep breath and say “Today, I am going to be better”. Trust me, it will do wonders to you. Good morning, my friend.

This is not just another day, this is yet another chance to make your dreams come true. Good Morning!

I remind myself every morning: Nothing I say this day will teach me anything. So if I’m going to learn, I must do it by listening. -Larry King

“You woke up and it’s raining outside? Let every drop of rain that falls on you, will remind you of my love for you. Good morning Love.”

“Eating right and taking the time to slow down and plan in the morning is crucial to a productive day.” ~ David Moore

As you wake up this morning, I only ask you to spend a moment in thanking God. Everything you have is owed to him, and every success you will achieve is by his grace. Hope you are blessed by him, now and forever. Good morning.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts. So think happy and positive. Good Morning!

It’s better to curse yourself after failing in your journey to build the dream life than to praise yourself for not taking actions at all. Good morning!

“My first thought when I opened my eyes, was about you. Your eyes, smile, hair, voice… I am happy that a new day begins. Good morning love.”

“What you do in the first couple of hours after you wake up in the morning is a firm indicator of not only the quality of the day you’re going to have but by extension, the quality of your entire life.” ~ Invajy

Always remember, life has no guarantees. It is as uncertain as anything else in this world. So as long you are alive, live it to the fullest. Good morning, hope you have a fulfilling day.

How to have a lovely day? Smile at strangers, slow down, say thank you, give lots of compliments, dress nicely, wear perfume, observe and listen, be charming, laugh, wish others a lovely day.

There is nothing above then self-respect. Not even love, compassion, and kindness. Once you lose your self-respect, you lose everything. Good morning and have a blasting day!

“Life is like a book. Each day like a new page. So let the first words you write be Good Morning to you my love!”

“Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” ~ Yoko Ono

Only that day dawns to which we are awake. There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star. Henry David Thoreau

Having a rough morning? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s called purpose. You’re alive for a reason. Don’t give up.

There is no better time than the morning time to begin hustling for the life you have always imagine living. Be positive, keep dreaming, and keep hustling. Good morning!

“You have found true love when you realize that you want to wake up beside your love every morning even when you have your differences.”

“Waking up early, connecting with nature, and having my quiet time are priorities to me, and they are non-negotiable.” ~ Danette May

In the morning a man walks with his whole body; in the evening, only with his legs. Ralph Waldo Emerson

Even the smallest of thoughts have the potential to become the biggest of successes. All you have to do is get up and get going. Good Morning!

Those who fear criticism from others a lot cannot do anything in life despite having an ultra-positive mindset. Good morning everyone!

“How much of tenderness, beauty and everlasting freshness. You’re so beautiful, you have no flaw. Good morning, my dear!”

“You are my sun on a gloomy day, like a lighthouse in a stormy sea. Thanks for all your care for me, good morning my love, time to get up.”

Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen. Wayne Huizenga

This morning will never ever come back in your life again. Get up and make the most of it. Good Morning!

The sun only sets, if it all, but never dies. Similarly, your positive ideas can be overshadowed for some time but cannot be hidden for long. Good morning and have a beautiful day!

“I wonder what you look like when you wake up early in the morning with the sun shining on yourface, your silky smooth hair flowing. I wish I could get a cup of coffee for you by the bed and wish you good morning.”

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“Every morning I wake up, I realize that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Have a great day.”

I wake up every morning at 9am and grab for the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary page and if my name is not on it I get up. Benjamin Franklin

Good morning. The minute you think of giving up any relation, think of the reason why you held it so long. Have a nice day!

When you wake up every morning, let there be the flow of love, light, and positivity in your life. Good morning!

“Mornings are beautiful because it starts with your love that stays with me all day long. Good morning dear.”

“Wishing a good morning to the person who is the reason why I feel like waking up everyday. I love you.”

Good Morning! If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion. Dalai Lama

While you wake up today, someone is breathing their last breath. Thank god for another day. Don’t waste it!

For me, seeing your face every morning is similar to watching the first ray of sunlight. Good morning my love!

“If you were right here, I would run my fingers through your hair and gaze into your eyes as I gave you a sweet morning kiss. Good morning, girl I miss you.”

“The glow you bring to my life is more radiant than a thousand sunrises put together a good morning.”

On your way to work? These words spoken by Mary Poppins are truer than true! Read them and believe them! “In every job that must be done there is an element of fun. You find the fun and SNAP–the job’s a game!”

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.

It doesn’t take money and efforts to be kind and loving. However, it does make the world a hell lot better place to live!

“I’m sending you a nice warm hug from my heart, a wonderful kiss just to brighten up your day, and a sweet good morning to start your day! Morning!”

“Good morning !!! Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every morning we wake up is the first day of the rest of our life”

Good Morning, just remember: life isn’t a dress rehearsal. You get one shot. That’s it. Take the lead role by the reigns…you got this!

Wake up and face life’s challenges head-on. Else, life will become quite a challenge. Good Morning!

Start your day by expressing gratitude and oozing love. Everything good thing will automatically fall in line. Good morning!

“Love gives meaning to one’s world and magic to a million hopes and dreams. It makes the morning shine more brightly and each season seem like it’s the nicest one anyone ever had. Good morning, sweetheart.”

“Every morning reminds me of all the wrong dreams I had been chasing all my life until I found the right one – you. Good morning !!!”

Don’t forget to take your happy pills today! They will help make your children, in-laws, husband more tolerable.

Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most.

Morning coffee and my lover’s kiss are two doses needed for a kick-ass morning start.

“I wake up every morning and the first thing I think is that I love you. I’m in love with you. I want to be with you.”

Just like learning to ride a bike…1-2-3 and GO! Once you get out of bed, just keep going and enjoy the ride!

When you do something beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.

If you have learned to forgive and forget, you have started to understand love and life.

“Wake up in the morning happy for no good reason….Dream of your future… Nothing else matters.”

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the coffee is brewing…. All the day needs is you! Get up and add yourself to this beautiful day!

Every morning is a new beginning, a new blessing, a new hope. It’s a perfect day because it’s God’s gift. Have a blessed, hopeful, perfect day to begin with.

Rather then texting him good morning baby, I opened the camera and told good morning to the better me.

“Tomorrow will always meet us in the morning. The great thing is that you do not have to be perfect to be alive, and that is what makes life absolutely perfect.”

Good morning, you are going to have the best day ever! Why? Because I said so, that’s why!

Good Morning! Life laughs at you when you are unhappy. Life smiles at you when you are happy. But life salutes you when you make others happy.

Like stars guide sailors in the might ocean for direction, you have always guided during tough times. Thank you and good morning sweetheart!

“Don’t forget to wish your husband good-morning when he sets off to the office. He will feel the lack of your good-bye kiss all day.”

Rise and shine, Sleepyhead! The sun is shining and the birds are chirping! Today is a brand new day!

My plan for today? Same as always: drink coffee and be sexy. Always positive vibes in the Morning!

Can you count the raindrops during rain? That’s my love for you: unconditional and immeasurable.

“Just when I think that it is impossible to love you any more, you prove me wrong. Good morning, beautiful. “

Mornings lead to afternoons which lead to evenings. Start your morning off with a smile because that smile will be walking with you the rest of your day.

When you wake up every morning, look in the mirror and give yourself a big smile. The smile is sacred gift of life.

Your smile is more than sufficient enough to make by day glittering and vibrant. Happy good morning baby!

“One morning you need to wake up and say to yourself, what the hell have you been doing until now, and you need to go out and live, because frankly, that’s all life’s got to offer. Just live!”

Every single morning wake up with the intention of doing your very best. If you are able to do that, God will be able to do the rest.

The best thing about waking up is knowing you have another cup of coffee to enjoy. Good Morning!

Your manly scent drives me crazy and makes my morning blissful whenever I wake up. Good morning!

“You are the only one who makes my heart beat faster & slower at the same time. Good Morning my love!”

Isn’t today going to be an awesome day?! It sure is, especially after you get up and grace the world with your presence.

No matter how good or bad your life is, wake up each morning and be thankful that you still have one.

The best thing ever happened in my life is getting in relation with a charming and cute boyfriend like you. Good morning!

“It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life. Thrilling morning!”

The sun is rising just for you today! Let it light your path and lead you on your way. The best of mornings to you!

Every Morning is a chance at a new day. Wake up and make something happen today.

Good friends are like diamonds. They are hard to find but always increase your value once you have them besides. Good morning bestie!

Good morning, sweetheart! Days with you are like an extra layer of frosting on my cake – appreciated and oh so sweet! Thank you!

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without for newer and richer experience. Good Morning.

The relationship of friendship is no less than the relations of blood. Blood relations you got by birth, friendship you earn on your own.

Life is like a pizza. You get to decide the toppings of your choice. Wishing you a very good morning. Hope you enjoy your life slice by slice.

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Let go of all the desires that hinders your progress and move towards your purpose. Have a nice day! Good Morning!

My morning doesn’t happen with sunrise. My morning happens with your heartwarming smile. Good morning my lovely wife!

The night is special because if allows you to have unfathomed dreams. The morning is special because it allows you to act upon those dreams. So go ahead and make your dreams true. Good morning, my friend.

The way you get out of bed will lay the foundation of the day that lies ahead. So wake up with a smile and walk out with a bounce in your step because you deserve it.

Thank you for inducing so much happiness and frisk in my life. Thank you for making my every morning worth savoring every moment. Good morning!

God told me you needed an extra hug today. Since we are miles apart, this will have to do. Know that I love you and am here for you always.

If you haven’t been able to achieve something, today is the best time to start working towards it again.

Kissing your partner in the morning is the best way to say I love you without uttering a single word.

The hardest thing to do is change. But yet, change is the inevitable law of nature, and for all the good reason. So try to change yourself to be a better person, one habit at a time. Good morning, my friend.

The beauty of the morning is wasted on those who sleep through it. Don’t be like them. Capture the day, make it your own. Get a head start on those who waste the beauty freely granted to them.

Your arms are the best pillows where I can put my head and sleep all day long. The best way to wake up during the morning is beside you.

One thing you must remember is that yesterday has no impact on today. “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” goes the saying, and so true it is. So make it count.

When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, think, enjoy, and to love.

Every night, I decide to wake up on time in the morning and exercise. Then I wake up at noon and cry like a baby.

The morning shines upon everyone the same. Its beauty is for rich or poor alike. You are not less than anyone else in the eyes of the morning.

In your ques to success and knowledge, make sure you don’t lose the peace of mind. The essences of life are serenity and evolution.

The morning is not the enemy sent to torture us. It has been designed to help us. The morning provides us some quiet time of reflection, so we can improve ourselves.

After waking up every morning, thank God for giving you one more wonderful day to celebrate life with loved ones!

The sun just touched the morning; the morning, happy thing, supposed that he had come to dwell, and life would be all spring.

Have an attitude of gratitude. If you have food to eat, shelter to live, and clothes to wear, you are already richer than 80% of the world. Good morning!

The dreams you had last night can only come to reality if you get up and work at achieving them today. So, don’t waste any more time, get out there, and do your best. Good Morning.

Like snakes change their skin on a timely basis to survive, you also need to embrace life changes to evolve. Good morning!

Morning is not when the sun rises. Morning happens when you attain consciousness. Good morning!

Behind every hardworking employee, there are millions of cups of coffee that helped in staying awake and energetic. Good morning!

Every day is the day of love and kindness. Sometimes you have to be patient with your love. Sometimes it doesn’t happen at the right moment.

In want of better, you leave good. In want of best, you leave better. You are always leaving something, yet your soul is not satisfied because where it was, you left it.

New thoughts, new life; all is in your hands. So begin benign. It is New Year’s morning. May everything go fine!

Bhaagya bhi aapka tabhi saath deta hain jab aapki mehanant main koi kumi nahi reheti. Apna kaam karte rahiye, safalta ek na ek din jarur aapko milegi!

Agar jeena sikhan hain to ek fool se sikho, jo humesha apni khushboo bikherta hain aur kisi se tulna nahi karta.

Jo log parinaam ki parvah kiye bina apna kaam karte rehte hain, vaastav main safalta unhi ke kadam chumti hain.

I am feeling so happy see you here. I hope you like Good Morning Quotes & Wishes. If you have any queries regarding Good Morning Quotes & Wishes, drop a comment below and we will get back to you soon.

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