Andhra Pradesh GK Question SET-6

Here you will find GK MCQ Questions for Andhra Pradesh GK Question with Answers PDF Free Download based on the important concepts and topics given in the textbook as per new exam pattern. This may assist you to understand and check your knowledge about the Andhra Pradesh GK Question. Students also can take a free test of the Multiple Choice Questions of Andhra Pradesh GK Question. Each question has four options followed by the right answer.

Q1.The Author of Neeti Chandrika:

[A] Rayaprolu Subba Rao
[B] Viswanatha Sastri
[C] Chinnaya Suri
[D] Gidugu rammurthy

Correct Answer: C [Chinnaya Suri]

[A] Mutyala Saralu
[B] Diddubatu
[C] Varakatnam
[D] Malapalli

Correct Answer: D [Malapalli]

Q3.Andhra Patrika was a Telugu weekly founded by :

[A] Konda Venkatappayya
[B] Kasinadhuni Nageswar Rao
[C] C. Narasimha Rao
[D] V Ramdas

Correct Answer: B [Kasinadhuni Nageswar Rao]

Q4.At which of the following places first Kisan School was started by N.G.Ranga ?

[A] Guntur
[B] Vijayawda
[C] Nidubrolu
[D] Tenali

Correct Answer: C [Nidubrolu]

Q5.Who among the following Chief Minister introduced press bill which curtailed press freedom in 1967 ?

[A] Sanjiva Reddy
[B] Kasu Brahmanda Reddy.
[C] Marri Chenna Reddy
[D] Damodara Sanjeevaiah

Correct Answer: B [Kasu Brahmanda Reddy.]

Q6.Mutyala Saralu was written by:

[A] Gurazada Apparao
[B] Gidugu Ramurthy
[C] BN Sarma
[D] Chinnaya Suri

Correct Answer: A [Gurazada Apparao]

Q7.In which of the following sessions of Andhra Mahasabha demanded that Mother tongue to be made as the medium of instruction in secondary schools?

[A] First
[B] Second
[C] Third
[D] Fourth

Correct Answer: C [Third]

Q8.At which of the following places, INC decided to collect one crore ruppes as Tilak Swarj fund?

[A] Guntur
[B] Tirupathi
[C] Vijayawda
[D] Kakinada

Correct Answer: C [Vijayawda]

Q9.Who among the following floated the idea of Dakishna Pradesh?

[A] Sardar Patel
[B] NG Ranga
[C] T. Prakasam
[D] C. Rajagopalachari

Correct Answer: D [C. Rajagopalachari ]

Q10.Who among the following popularly known as Andhra Tagore?

[A] Bejawada Gopala Reddy.

[C] Sanjiva Reddy
[D] PV Narasimha Rao

Correct Answer: A [Bejawada Gopala Reddy.]

Q11.In which year Chandrababu Naidu elected as Chief minister of Andhra Pradesh for the first time?

[A] 1993
[B] 1994
[C] 1995
[D] 1996

Correct Answer: C [1995]

Q12.Who among the were not supporters of separate Andhra province?

[A] Nyapati Subba Rao
[B] Mocherla Ramchandra Rao
[C] Both 1 & 2
[D] Pattabhi Sitaramaya

Correct Answer: C [Both 1 & 2]

Q13.Kannuganti Hanumanthu was associated with:

[A] Forest Satyagraha of Palnadu
[B] Chirala-Perala Satyagraha
[C] No-tax campaign at Pedanandipadu
[D] None of the above

Correct Answer: A [Forest Satyagraha of Palnadu]

Q14.How many members accorded their signature in Gentlemen agreement?

[A] 6
[B] 8
[C] 10
[D] 12

Correct Answer: B [8]

Q15.Who among the following chief ministers repeals the tradition of filling jobs with O.C candidateswhen no eligible candidates were available for the posts reserved for S.C and STs?

[A] Damodara Sanjeevaiah
[B] Neelam SanjivaReddy
[C] PV Narasimha Rao
[D] NT Rama rao

Correct Answer: A [Damodara Sanjeevaiah]

Andhra Pradesh GK All SET

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