Ancient Indian History Quiz Set – 1 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Q.1. Who among the following were teachers of Gautama Buddha before his enlightenment?

1.Alara Kalama
2.Udraka Ramputra
3.Makkhali Gosala
4.Nigantha Nataputta

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

[A] 1 and 4
[B] 1 & 3
[C] 2 and 3
[D] 1 and 2

Q.2. The bilingual Inscriptions of Asoka involved which of the following two languages?

[A] Brahmi & Aramaic
[B] Brahmi, Greek & Aramaic
[C] Brahmi & hieroglyphics
[D] None of the above

Q.3. Which of the following are correctly matched?

River Rig Vedic Age


  1. Jhelum Vatista
  2. Chenab Askini
  3. Satluj Parushini

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 1 & 2
[C] Only 2 & 3
[D] 1, 2 & 3

Q.4. Who was the first king to surrender to Alexander?

[A] Ambhi
[B] Porus
[C] Bimbisara
[D] Chandragupta Maurya

Q.5. Which of the following are correctly matched regarding import in India from 650 A.D. to 1000 A.D.?

Items of import Region

  1. Horses Western and Central Asia
  2. Wine Kapisa
  3. Dates Basrsa

Select the correct option from the codes given below:

[A] Only 1
[B] Only 2
[C] Only 1 & 3
[D] 1, 2 & 3

Q.6. According to some Jain traditions, who was son-in-law and first disciple of Tirthankara Mahavira?

[A] Jamali
[B] Jamvant
[C] Jamval
[D] Cant’ say

Q.7. Madurai was a capital of which of the following dynasties?

[A] Pandyas
[B] Pallavas
[C] Cholas
[D] Cheras

Q.8. Which of the following is also also known by the name of Jitendriya?

[A] Dharmnath
[B] Parshavnath
[C] Mahavira
[D] Ajitnath

Q.9. Who was the father of Bindusara?

[A] Chandragupta Maurya
[B] Samudragupta
[C] Ashoka
[D] Bhadrabahu

Q.10. Tattavakaumudi, Tattvasaradi, Nyayavarttikatatparyatika, Nyayasuchini-bandha, Nyayasutroddhara, Nyayakanika and Tattvabindu are works of which of the following writers?

[A] Bhoja
[B] Vachaspatimisra
[C] Udayana
[D] Jayanta

Q.11. Which of the following inscriptions mentions the name of Kalidasa?

[A] Allahabad pillar inscription
[B] Aihole inscription
[C] Alapadu grant
[D] Hanumakonda inscription

Q.12. Meander who was an Indo Greek king accepted which of the following religion ?

[A] Janism
[B] Buddhism
[C] Jainism
[D] Islam

Q.13. The Shvetambara ascetic is allowed to have how many possessions?

[A] 10
[B] 12
[C] 14
[D] 16

Q.14. Who was appointed as the viceroy of Taxila and Ujjain during the reign of Bindusara?

[A] Susima
[B] Kunala
[C] Ashoka
[D] Vaisya

Q.15. Which of the following was defeated by the Rashtrakuta king Dantidurga?

[A] Kirtivarman I
[B] Kirtivarman II
[C] Vikramaditya I
[D] Vikramaditya II

Q.16. In context of Mauryan administration, who was the chief supervisor of the collection of revenue from the whole kingdom?

[A] Samaharta
[B] Sannidhata
[C] Karmantika
[D] Antapal

Q.17. Which of the following two towns of Indus valley Civilization were located on the bank of Ghagghar River?

[A] Harappa & Rojari
[B] Harappa & Mohen jo Dero
[C] Kalibanga and Banwali
[D] Rangpur and Surkotda

Answer: C [Kalibanga and Banwali]

Q.18. The first Jain council was held at which of the following places?

[A] Patliputra
[B] Vallabhi
[C] Ujjain
[D] Patliputra

Q.19. How many pillar edicts have been found?

[A] 7
[B] 8
[C] 9
[D] 10

Q.20. Vishnuvardhana III was succeeded by which of the following kings?

[A] Jayasimha I
[B] Jayasimha II
[C] Vijayaditya I
[D] Bhima

Q.21. In which among the following metals, largest number of coins were issued in Gupta Era?

[A] Gold
[B] Silver
[C] Copper
[D] Brass

Q.22. Which among the following is considered to be the official law book of the Guptas?

[A] Manusmriti
[B] Parashara Smriti
[C] Yajnavalkya Smriti
[D] Vyasa Smriti

Q.23. Eight-Fold Path is related to which of the following?

[A] Janism
[B] Buddhism
[C] Sikhism
[D] Hinduism

Q.24. Which of the following kings founded the Shunga empire?

[A] Pushyamitra Sunga
[B] Agnimitra
[C] Bhagabhadra
[D] Devabhuti

Q.25. Which of the following Chola King came to power after Aditya I?

[A] Parantaka I
[B] Parantaka II
[C] Uttama Chola
[D] Arumolivarman

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Ancient Indian History MCQs all set

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